Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups

The Koch Center offers social skills groups for children preschool through high school, held in Waldwick and Montclair locations. Groups meet for one hour weekly and run in eight week cycles. Children are placed with peers who are of a similar age and developmental level. Social skills groups are beneficial for children who have:

v Anxiety/Depression
v Oppositional behaviors
v Asperger’s Disorder
v Poor communication skills
v Difficulty making friends
v Troubles with teasing
v Debilitating shyness
v Difficulty asserting themselves with peers

Skills work in groups is targeted to aid specific needs in the children who attend, as well as general skills to enhance interpersonal relationships including:

v Active Listening
v Conversation Skills
v Emotional Recognition and Expression Skills
v Empathy building
v Problem Solving
v Anger Management
v Relaxation Skills
v Dealing with Teasing/Bullying
v Being a Good Sport

Individual feedback is available to parents to keep them updated on ways they can help facilitate their child’s improvement at home. Group facilitators are currently conducting assessments for new groups, please contact Dr. Koch at 201-670-6450 x1 for more information.